Tuesday, December 12

How to Not Lose When Selling on Ebay

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Paypal can freeze your account up to 6 months over a little thing. If you have a problem with paypal, you might not be able to sell for another 6 months. This is why you sould be careful when using paypal. You should also consider other methods of payments like credit cards, check, or other methods of online payments. Paypal just have to improve on not freezing people account for too long. There is a new company called webpay online that does the same thing as paypal.


People do scam on ebay and they’re not all that great.  I was scam so badly on ebay and I just hated those people who scam me. One lady waited for a 30 period to be over to scam me. She send me a check from a closed account for 30 days so she can get the item for free without getting any attention from ebay because they don’t look at any transactions that are over 30 days old. Sellers do scam as well as buyers so beware. Anytime that you’re going to email a customer asking them to do something, or giving you’re your money or merchandise back, just know that it’s very hard to do so.

Customer reviews

If you let a customer review you, just know that you should review last so that they don’t give you a negative review. They will give you a negative review if you give them a review first. A negative review will hurt your chances of doing business in the future.

Selling uninterested items

If you sell uninterested items, you will waste your time and money because people will not buy it. You should only sell interested items that people want o buy. This is why you need to do your research and learn about what people will buy and not buy.

Listing fees

Listing fees can really kill you in the long run. Each item has a listing fee so you should be careful on this one and take off items that are not selling and leave up items that are selling but don’t just list things unless there is a high chance that it will sell.


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