Sunday, December 17

A Clean Room Equals a Happy me :)

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Before I get started, I can tell you that this contains no scientific proof, no statistics, although now that I’m thinking about it I probably could have found some. But for my first piece which has happened to fall on a rainy day, I couldn’t think of anything better to write about than making YOU feel better. There are many ways and they vary from person to person, but one way that seems to be full-proof is clearing the area you live in. Personally, when my room gets over cluttered, I find myself miserable and “scatter-brained”. I have a ton of different things I like to do. I play the Uke, I paint, I draw, and of course, write 🙂 . I can’t be “scatter-brained” while trying to do these things. I have tried to force myself to continue without cleaning on those days where all I want to do is crawl in bed. For me it is impossible. And although I may not want to get up and I complain every step of the way, I always feel better when it is in fact, clean.

And it doesn’t have to be completely clean. If you are like me, my room is never what I call ‘truly dirty’. It simply has half your closet on the floor from this morning when you didn’t know what to wear to work. Take the 10 minutes to pick up your clothes and put them in their proper places.

The magic in this 10 minutes is that most likely you will catch the bug and realize how good and relaxed this makes you feel and you will continue while you are motivated. (I am a procrastinator about everything so when I get in the mood to clean, I do my best to stick with it.)

I’m not going to include my little organization tips in this piece (there will be more to come. This is a subject I battle with myself on so writing about it helps me a lot!) BUT I hope this taps a nerve in someone and helps them get started on a simple or major cleaning and that it makes that person feel so much better!!

Peace 🙂


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