Saturday, December 16

How Children Affect Your Relationship

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Children are wonderful but be careful because they can affect your relationship. You love your kids but they will come in between your relationship with your partner. When you have children, many things will change and those changes will affect you in some ways, worst off, they could negatively affect your relationship. You will have to budget more, work more, pay more bills, and spend more time prepping your kids for schooling and so on. All of these activities will leave very little time for you and your partner. You will also be on each other nerve about financial issues and time. People end up divorcing sometimes right after having a few children so there is a common pattern as to how negatively kids can affect your relationship.

How come people don’t divorce right before they have kids but usually right after they have kids? There must be a reason why they would do this. Children are great but beware; you could end up in a divorce over them. I know my parents relationship have deteriorate into nothing after having kids. They now have no relationship at all over kids and financial problems. They have a hard time taking care of all of the kids and they just don’t have a life anymore. They have no time for each other and they just don’t like each other anymore since they fight daily but all of this did not happen before they have kids.

This is why you should have a few numbers of kids so that you don’t run yourself down. The more kids you have the more you have to worry about them. Your financial problems could also wear you down. If anything it’s financial problems that will stir up your relationship. All of the sudden now, all of your paycheck is going to rent, clothing, diaper, and babysitting. You work all week long and have no time for the guys. You should know that this was going to happen.


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