Friday, December 15

Movie Review: Transporter 2 (2005)

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Frank Martin’s (Jason Statham) monosyllabic intensity as the usual understated hero effectively moves around in fierce car chases and impossible martial arts sequences. And this doesn’t stop the movie from being absurdly pleasurable. It suspends disbelief for a one and a half hour escapist action ride.

The opening scene plays like an Audi commercial. It takes full advantage of the all-wheel drive to survive countless incredible stunts. The car is so sturdy that after crashing and jumping from one building to the next, not even a scratch can be seen on it.

Jason Statham delivers an effective role with his silent charisma as Frank Martin. This makes up his taciturn personality of being a man whose emotions seem so well under control all the time. Alessandro Gassman is a sexy villain.

Matthew Modine effectively plays the role of a bureaucrat. So does Amber Valetta as a suffering wife and a loving mom. Kate Nauta plays a violent vixen who has fetish in killing mercilessly with her two big toys and her countless bullets (and getting the high on her smudged eye make-up). Francois Berleand plays as the film’s comic relief and as a sort of accomplice to Frank.

The film is fast-paced, but the suspense is minimal. There are pleasurable shots of Miami, but the stunts are too outrageous at most times that you tend to lose the enjoyment for the sights and scenes. The B-movie elements are considerably fine for the usual expectations, but the too many actions don’t provide enough pauses to let you catch your breath. There are too many spectacles to the point that you don’t get to appreciate the special effects that much anymore. And it seems like things are exposed and resolved rather too easily.

If you’re looking for a believable plot, “Transporter 2” is too far an outlandish, over-the-top flick. If you’re good in physics, you might just contest the lessons on momentum and dynamics. But despite the serious flaws and plot issues, the movie is still fun and silly on its antics. That is, if you suspend your disbelief in the impossible stunts. In that case, just enjoy the ride.


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