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Online Dating Myths

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Online dating is a new phenomenon. And as it happens to everything new, some people are very afraid of giving it a try. This stops some people from enjoying the fruits of civilization, and they stop themselves from meeting new people. Now let’s take look at the most common myths about online dating.

I can independently meet new people and I do not need help! So who can argue? Internet dating – is just another way to meet new people and nothing more. This does not mean that if you started using dating websites to find your soul mate, you need to stop looking for him in real life. But if you want to find a man, a soul mate, why not use all available means, including the Internet? Moreover, dating websites allow you to search for specific parameters, such as age, height, marital status, etc. As in real life is much more difficult and while yesterday it seemed that he was an ideal partner, you may today discover that he is a resident of another country and already married to someone.

Internet dating websites are full of creeps and maniacs. Online dating is probably the safest form of dating. The maximum risk, which may come from a new friend – is an insult. But you can stop them with just a single click. But as with ordinary dating, you should first get to know you partner before giving him you phone number or asking him for a date. Therefore, in terms of security, Internet dating is perfect.

Internet dating is only for losers. Who is the loser? The man who is educated and knows how to use technology for his benefit? The vast majority of people on the dating websites are people 25-30 years old, who are wealthy and have high education. And most importantly they are not afraid of technical progress. 

 I do not believe in virtual dating. Internet is not a real life.Did someone tell you that you have to live in internet? It is proposed to learn the most convenient and modern way to date. Some surveys show that people, who met through the Internet, create stronger families and couples are much less likely to get divorced. It’s an official statistics. You can believe it or not, but the fact remains that many have already found soul mate through the internet and live happily married. 

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