Inexpensively Create Close Contact With Your Customers

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Connections with your customers are easier than ever to maintain and grow. Today the tools that are available to you are both simple and inexpensive (or even free!).

Creating a social network that customers want to be a part of does not require spending excessive time creating newsletters and content or even managing lists. Following are 3 simple ways to keep in contact.

1. – A few words.  One line.  Enough to send folks a special discount, alert them to an author visit, or answer a quick question.

2. – Tools to manage an email mailing list, surveys all sorts of powerful networking tools.

3. or – Starting a simple blog can be as effective as your own website and easier to update. Once you get set up there are no special tools to update posts and your customers can subscribe to receive information as you post it!

There is no excuse not to be more closely connected to your customers.  Electronic connections are less expensive and more immediate than direct mail and advertising. Communication can be less formal and two way. It takes some time, but who needs TV anyway?

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