Thursday, December 14

Earn Real Cash On-Line Completing Surveys

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Hi as i’m sure many of you are the same as me and want to earn some extra cash from your paid for internet connection this is just one of the few ways I’ve found to earn an extra few pounds online.

At you get asked to fill out surveys either for a financial reward or a prize draw entry. It’s taken me between 16-18 months to reach their 50pounds pay-out and i received my first cheque within a fortnight of reaching the payment threshold, so they are true to their word and do pay out.

Prize draw surveys differ in amount offered significantly, and paid surveys tend to be from 50pence to 75pence however I have had a couple of surveys at over 1.50 each. It may seem like it takes a long while to reach payout but i only ever check here once or twice a week and usually find a survey to complete.

The topics and subjects covered as suggested by the name of the company are usually political however quite a few of the prize surveys are Brand name orientated. You can also earn commision from referrals which can help a lot, you earn whatever the person you referred earns for the first 3 months of their membership. Overall a fairly slow earner but worth joining as they do pay out and surveys seem to be of a good consistency and not as boring as some.

Another bonus is all surveys that you are invited for you will get paid for. No getting 10 minutes in and being told you’re not required here.

In summary well worth a look and even if not for you then nothing lost.


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