Build Your Own Patio

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Mark Your Spot

First thing you need to do is decide how big you want your patio to be.   Start by using some markers; some stakes and twine work great.  Measure the width and length and stake it.  Be sure to make it even.  For instance, 10X10 is a great size.

Level the Ground

The next thing you should do is remove all grass and roots, gravel, ect.  Once you have removed all unwanted materials, smooth out the ground.  You can dig out the dirt, or build your patio on top of the ground.  Once you have removed all unwanted material, smooth out the ground.  Be sure to use a level to assure your patio will be level.  Once this is done, you can use pea gravel, sand or use plastic ground cover.  This will keep the weeds from growing between your bricks.

Begin Laying Bricks

Once you have measured and leveled the ground, begin laying bricks in place.  Use a rubber mallet to gently put in place.  Use the level to make sure your patio is level.  Keep placing bricks until your patio is finished.

Once your bricks are all in place, you can add mortar between the bricks.  You can find the type you just spread onto the bricks, sweep and add water. This keeps the bricks from shifting and keeps weeds and grass from growing between them. 

Add patio furniture, fire pit or anything to make your patio your own.  Sit back and enjoy your piece of work! 


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