Frugal Times call for Frugal Terms

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I never used to be frugal, but in these economic times I have learned some tricks that I have started incorporating into my life. I will share with you the things that have worked for me.

Reusing:  When the paper towels run out, there is always a long cylinder shape cardboard tube that most people just throw away. When you get back from the store you have all these plastic bags that can be used (bedroom trashcans, bathroom trashcans, lunchbags, and kittylitter bags), but there is no place to put (store) them. To make for easy storage and to not have to throw my plastic bags away I have started to stuff them into the papertowel tubes.This has been a way to reuse without being extreme.

Multiuse cleaning products- Why buy an item that only has one use? Get one that you can use for the bathroom, the kitchen and the windows. Also if it is a strong cleaner, why not water it down? It works just as great if you water down half of the product and put the other half in one of the same bottles to water down or store in the opposite room.

Laundry- Always use cold water. I have found that my clothes get just as clean, and they do not fade as fast.Also I reuse some of the fabric softeners if  they have only been through one small load. They still smell just as fresh.

Electric- Unplug items that are not in use. I have learned that even if something is not on, it still drains electricty. If it is something that is rarely used, I unplug it until I need it again (ie the toaster).

Maybe you can use some of these tips and save a little money where you need it!! Happy savings!


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