Monday, December 11

Did You Have a Nightmare? How to Stop Having Bad Dreams

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A nightmare can frighten you very much and make you afraid of dreaming. However, dreams contain warnings and future predictions besides working like psychotherapy.

You should learn how to translate the meaning of your dreams and follow dream therapy, so that you may stop having bad dreams. You’ll learn how to solve all your problems thanks to the information and guidance contained in the dream messages. Thus, you won’t need to be alarmed by nightmares.

The scary situations in a nightmare are warnings meant to prevent tragic situations from happening in your life.

All dreams have a protective function. You need protection because you have inherited a wild and primitive conscience that didn’t evolve like your human conscience, and because even your human conscience is quite absurd. It is under-developed and one-sided, ignorant, and lacking morality and wisdom.

The biggest part of your brain belongs to your wild side, while your human side occupies only a tiny portion of it.

This means on the one hand, you are not as intelligent as you may imagine, and on the other hand, you can become far more intelligent if you acquire complete consciousness, developing all your psychological functions.

This can be done as you follow the unconscious guidance in your dreams.

It prepares you to face all dangers without being controlled by your wild side, so that you may avoid acquiring a mental illness.

By translating the meaning of your dreams you’ll discover another hidden danger that you have never suspected that worked against you; your own ego.

You believe that your ego protects your social image, but this impression is false. Your ego is in fact manipulated by your violent and immoral wild side. It can only lead you to failure and despair because it is selfish and unfair.

It makes you despise everyone else when you are trying to fulfil your desires. You care only about what you want, without paying attention to the pain you provoke on other people. Neither do you pay attention to the absurdity of your intentions.

At the same time, your ego makes you desire people and things that you cannot possess. Your ego will only mislead you, making you frustrated and angry in the end.

This is how your wild conscience will have the chance to invade the human side of your conscience and provoke a mental illness.

Each time you have a nightmare the unconscious mind is trying to protect you from all these dangers, and trying to make you care about your psychical content.

By following the unconscious psychotherapy you will:

– Transform your wild side into a positive component of your human side,

– Eliminate your absurd ego,

– Learn how to control your behavior,

– Learn how to avoid all the traps of our cruel world,

– Stop having nightmares,

– Become a balanced and wise human being.


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