Friday, December 15

BP Oil Spill Reaches The Beaches of Florida

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The Oil Spill Reaches The Beaches Of Florida

I sit in Florida as the oil spill reaches the beaches of Florida. BP has done a horrible job capping their oil spill. They were not prepared for an emergency and the citizens of the United States will suffer once more. Most people do not pay attention to emergencies until those emergencies hit home. They are hitting home on the coast of Florida. I have a BP credit card that I have used once in the past two months. Now what do we do? Bp has rocked our world and they want us to forgive them for their mistakes.

We could sit and wait for the oil to soak our beaches and kill the animals of Florida. I cannot imagine what the oil spill has already done to the fish and wildlife already. I am not an animal activist, but I do believe we should treat animals with respect. All animals and creatures of the sea are God’s creation and we need to respect all God has created. Florida already has taken (a beat down) by the screwed up economy. Now the beaches will begin to take their toll from the oil. This oil spill will affect Florida’s tourism and the unemployment rate will soar. What a great time to live near the beaches of Florida.

Who will pay for BP’s giant oil spill? Bp tells us (on the radio and television) they will pay for all the damages caused by the oil spill. To pay for the damages, BP will stick their hands in each of our pockets and steal our money. This is what giant oil companies do. They charge the consumer for all their mistakes. All the other oil companies will follow suit. They will take advantage of the situation at the gas pumps. Eventually, we will pay more money for our gasoline than we ever have before. BP will not pay for all the damages from their giant oil spill. They will make you pay for all the damages. This is a guarantee.

The United States government will fine BP like they have never fined an oil company before. This is funny. It is hilarious. BP will not pay a penny. We will pay the bill through the pump. Each time you fill up, part of your money will go to pay off some of BP’s fines. The government will find a way to keep other oil companies from drilling off our shores. This will prevent any more oil spills to happen near the shores of the United States. This will also make our country more dependent on terrorists for their oil. What a great country we live in. Again, we will supply terrorists with money so they can commit Jihad against our beautiful country.

The oil spill reaches the beaches of Florida. You see evidence of Bp and their mistakes on the news every day. America needs to stand up against powerful oil companies like BP. America needs to remove our dependency on large oil companies. Oil companies like BP will ruin our country if we allow them. If you do not believe me, come to Florida, and look.


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