Thursday, December 14

Self Storage

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Do you wonder just on earth you are going to do with all your junk? Perhaps it once was a wonderful piece of furniture or your favourite artwork but now it is just taking up space. Many of us have lots of belongings such as this but yet we do not want to part with them. So they lie there, taking up space that could be put to better use. What are your options?

Storing Your Items

Although you could sell them, why not consider Storage? If you sell your items then they are gone forever. As well as having to emotionally let go of them, selling your second-hand items can be difficult and time consuming. 

By choosing to store you items instead you are saving yourself time and money. The cost of Self Storage is surprisingly low and with new payment options there is no reason you can’t have your own container.

Payment Options

It used to be the case that if you wanted to store your items you would buy a container from a company that would hold it and look after it for you. This was fine if you intended on using the space to store many items for a long period of time. It was not so useful if you only needed the space temporarily. 

Understanding this need many Storage companies have chosen to offer rental space instead. This means that you simply rent the container for as long as you need it. There is a sliding scale in price so if you are taking the container for a longer period you pay less for the overall space used. 

There are several ways in which you can pay for your rent, 

  • Upfront is one option. If you know how long you need it for and have the money you can pay for your rental right away.
  • Monthly debit. If you prefer payments can be made once a month. This is the most common method used today.
  • Annually. If you are storing your things for a long period you may be able to pay annually. 

I Only Have A Few Items

A lot of people worry about taking Self Storage as they only have a small amount of things they want to store. They think that storage units are for dozens of square feet, and things such as boats and cars. Although many people do choose to store vehicles and contents of entire houses, companies are happy to store your few belongings. 

An example of the smaller sizes that companies offer in storage is,

  • 5 by 5ft. This is a small cupboard
  • 5 by 10ft. Think of a walk in closet or cloakroom
  • 10 by 10ft. This is the size of most bedrooms

The sizes go up from there. If you are unsure whether your items will be suitable for storage it is worth giving them a phone call or dropping by to ask. 


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