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Storing My Jag, Porsche And Lamborghini

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Not many of us are in the fortunate position to own such wonderful cars although many of us dream of doing so. Despite common opinion however, it is not only rich, multi-millionaires whom need a place to store their luxurious cars. No, self Storage units are there for everybody to use. 

Everyone fears leaving their car; no matter what type, out on the street. This is especially a bad idea if it is going to be lying there for a while. Exposure to the elements can cause all sorts of damage to the bodywork and mechanics turning even our trusty chariots into rusted, useless junk. 

Car containers are equipped to maintain your automobile in as good a condition as you left it. The unit will be maintained at a minimum temperature and moisture and humidity will be monitored to ensure no corrosion or rot sets it. 

What Other Kind Of Things Can Be Stored?

It is not only cars that can be stored in a container facility. People store boats, and RVs as well. On a smaller scale many people choose to use the Self Storage units to hold normal household things they just don’t have room for such as,

Christmas or Halloween decorations

A large Barbeque for the all to short summers

Seasonal sports equipment


Heirlooms and pieces of art

The list of items that a normal household could store away in a container could go on for eternity. 

What About Businesses?

It is not only households that choose to use self Storage. Many businesses use it to their advantage. Instead of having to buy a large premises for themselves which can be too expensive for most small businesses, renting a container is the best option. 

There are units designed especially for businesses with easy access and other options such as multi-person access. Almost every type of business can find use for extra storage space, some examples are;

A car mechanic storing spare parts

Woodworker storing large pieces of wood or furniture in stock

Almost any business needs a place to store records.

Casual stock for a retail trader


Security issues and knowing that your things are safe is one of the top concerns with anyone considering Self Storage. It is reassuring to know that all facilities are equipped with both fire and burglar alarms to help prevent any misfortune. 

Many self Storage facilities have a 24 hour guard service. They monitor a surveillance system and will conduct routine patrols. Often in preventing anyone, whether vandal or thief, merely having a visible presence is enough to deter them. If you are still not comfortable with the idea of leaving your valuables, there are extra options that can be taken. 

These include such things as,

Extra alarms on your individual container

A personal identification number or (PIN) for you unit

Increased surveillance cameras for your belongings

It is surprising how many types of people use containers to store a large manner of things so why not contact your nearest facility to find out more. 


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