Thursday, December 14

How Secure Are My Items?

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The biggest concern of any person when storing their items is whether they will be safe or not? Trusting a company with objects and possessions that you may have held onto for years can be stressful. Often we imagine our treasures lying in an empty warehouse with nobody looking after them. With self storage companies this is rarely the case. 


Each facility will have its own fire detection system. This will be monitored constantly to ensure your possessions are safe. Alongside preventing fire, an intruder alert system is in constant operation. 

To stop potential thieves self storage companies employ a variety of security devices. The overall facility will be fenced off, ensuring that access is controlled through the main entrance. There are then cameras covering the grounds, recording anybody suspicious. 

As well as these, many companies employ a security team to patrol the compound. Even if this is not the case, someone will be monitoring the camera feeds and regular checks are made on all containers. 

To ensure that your items are protected against all threats, each is fitted with its own personal lock. These are commonly am electronic “PIN” access system. You will be the only personal with knowledge to enter your container. 

Rats and Other Vermin

Another concern that is common is whether or not rats will be able to get into your items. self storage firms take many precautions against vermin and pests. The containers are well maintained and any damage will be repaired right away to prevent access. If vermin and pests are discovered in a large number in the facility grounds steps will be taken to remove them. 

Do I Need Insurance

Although the chances of anything happening to your items is small, many companies advise you to take insurance against damage or loss. This is just in case something unforeseen should happen. It is always best to be prepared for the worst.

To help keep down costs many self storage companies either offer insurance themselves as part of their service or have a list of brokers. They will be more than happy to direct you to someone to help. 

What About Antiques?

If the items you are storing are particularly fragile then a special container may be required. Companies offer a range of units that can hold items such as, 

  • Furniture
  • Art work and paintings
  • Books
  • Paper records
  • Delicate machinery

These items often have to be kept at certain temperatures or with no humidity in the air. self storage facilities will have units equipped to deal with such items. This may cost a little more, but to ensure your valuables are taken care of it is worth the expense. 


If you are still nervous with your items being held it is quite normal to arrange to visit the container periodically. A company would be more than happy to receive you. Although not necessary some people, myself included, find it hard to relax and a quick visual check once a year can bring peace of mind.


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