Friday, December 15

Where To Put It All?

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Is your garage or attic overflowing with items? It is amazing how quickly we accumulate items in the home. Sometimes there is just not enough space for it all. If you have reached the point where you need the space but don’t want to get rid of the items then consider self storage. 

Isn’t Self Storage Expensive?

People often think that to use a container to hold their items will be too expensive. This isn’t the case. The cost of storing your items is often not as expensive as you would think. Self storage facilities offer a sliding scale when buying units. The larger the container the more it costs. 

To help reduce upfront costs many facilities offer rental units. This can be a lot cheaper than buying a unit outright. It also allows you to only use the container for storing things short term. When renting a unit, you will come to an agreement of how long you wish to use it for and then the price is often paid in one of three ways.

  1. Through Monthly payments
  2. Annual payments
  3. A one-off payment at the beginning of the contract. 


Once you have decided on your self storage you can decide if you want any extras. Although most containers are just that, empty sealed rooms for depositing your items, there are other options. 

If you are storing books or files then you can specify a special container than is equipped with cabinets or shelves. They may also be humidified to stop paper rotting. You may require extra protection. If so there are units available with their own security systems and cameras providing you with increased peace of mind. 


Not all of us wish to store away items not to be seen again for months or years. You may be running a business and need to have access to your stored items on a regular basis. If you need this you should discuss this with your self storage company. They will be able to get you a unit that has easy and regular access. 

A problem may arise if you need to have more than one person allowed access to the container. If you foresee this being the case you should give the details of the third party to the company so that they are aware of the situation and can act accordingly. 

Larger Items

If you wish to store larger items at self storage areas, this can easily be arranged. There are may facilities dedicated to storing cars, boats and such large items. Depending on the length of time you wish to store them, the items can be held inside or outdoors. It is a matter of preference. 

If the items you are depositing are not that big but still too heavy to lift yourself, some facilities offer the use of a fork lift. If you are unable to use such machines yourself you can ask for assistance.


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