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The Elderly Need Lawyers To!

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As the population of America ages more and more people find themselves inside nursing homes. These are supposed to be sanctuaries of rest and peace. Where elderly people can receive the extra care and support that they need at this stage of their life. 

Unfortunately not all nursing homes offer such services and it is becoming more common that a New Jersey Accident lawyer is needed by these people. 

Why Would They Be Needed?

Although most nursing homes offer excellent care and support for their charges there are a few bad cases. If you suspect that your loved one is being ill treated then you should contact a New Jersey Malpractice Attorney at once. 

Often an elderly person is unable or unwilling to stand up for themselves and their easily taken advantage of. They may not be aware of their legal rights or that they need the service of Hackensack Lawyers. 

Grounds Of Negligence

In order for your New Jersey Accident Lawyer to claim your case their must be grounds. You should arrange a consultation with a lawyer if you are unhappy with anything, just to be sure. Here are some of the most common grounds for a case. 

  • Unsanitary and dirty conditions
  • Verbal or physical abuse by staff members
  • Suffering from dehydration or malnutrition
  • Use of restraints when not necessary
  • Theft
  • Sexual assault
  • Wrongful death

It is upsetting to think of these things occurring to the elderly. If you suspect any of the above speak to an attorney. They will be able to tell you how best to approach the situation. Usually it will involve going to court to expose what they have done as well as claiming compensation for suffering and injuries. 

Wrongful Death

If the worst happens and a loved one dies because of staffs’ negligence or wilful acts it is important to seek a New Jersey Accident Lawyer at once. Coping with the death of a loved one is difficult enough but it may also leave behind heavy medical bills and financial problems. 

Unfortunately the compensation that you can claim for wrongful death will not be able to bring your loved one back, but it may help keep your life as normal as possible.

As well as claiming for wrongful death your attorney may suggest claiming for compensation if the person suffered before they died. This can be a difficult topic and lawyers in this field are trained to deal with your grief. They will treat you with the utmost respect and courtesy to ensure that the case causes you are little grief as possible. 

Free Consultation

When looking for a New Jersey Accident Lawyer it is worth bearing in mind that many offer a free consultation service. This allows you to speak to an expert about the facts of your case and discover whether or not you have a case before spending money. Remember that there is no obligation to sign a contract during a consultation. If you do not feel comfortable with the attorney you have spoken to arrange an appointment with another. It is important to find one who you feel comfortable with. 


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