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How To Ensure You Receive Your Compensation

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If you have suffered any form of injury from an accident, the surest way to ensure that you receive the highest level of compensation you deserve is to speak with a NJ Personal Injury Lawyer. 

You may feel uncomfortable with the idea speaking to a New Jersey Personal Injury Attorney at first. Many people feel that their claim is not worthy or that they do not have a case. They are often mistaken and miss out on a great deal of compensation available to them. 

Trips and Falls

Everyone trips and falls. As a Hackensack Attorney will be able to tell you there is a difference between an innocent slip on the snow; all to common in that area, and a trip due to negligence. 

Under the law if your trip or fall is caused by the wilful conduct or negligence of the land owner then they are liable to you for compensation. State laws such as the BOCA Code, state that a property owner must clear snow and ice as to prevent slips and falls. 

It is not only snow that can cause you to fall. A NJ Personal Injury Lawyer will also be able to help you claim against a company with a slippery floor or damaged walkway. 

Bitten By A Dog?

It is worth consulting with a NJ Personal Injury Lawyer if you or your child is bitten by someone’s dog. Under state law a dog owner is strictly liable for any actions of his or her dog. The only requirements are that the dog’s bite pierces the skin of the victim. 

The number of dog bites in surprisingly high with over one million, being treated medically a year and who knows how many more going unreported. These bites can be very serious, often leading to infection or permanent disfigurement and scarring. The experience can also be very traumatic especially if it involves a child. 

There are some things that you should do after suffering a dog attack to ensure that your NJ Personal Injury Lawyer can put forward the best possible case. 

  • Try to identify the dog, name and address of owner. The licence information is best, but can be difficult to get.
  • You should seek medical treatment immediately.
  • Report incident to the police.
  • Receive animal’s records from a vet if possible.
  • Take as many photos of wounds and torn clothing as possible.

What Can I Claim?

If you have suffered an injury there are many things that you can claim. Most people think that compensation is a set amount for the type of case you have but that is not true. Many factors and considered and you can claim for the following things. 

  • Medical bills both past and future
  • Compensation for pain and trauma
  • Equivalent of wages lost
  • Replacement property

The amount awarded will depend on how successfully you can prove the pain and suffering. Your NJ  Personal Injury Lawyer will be able to advise you on how much you are likely to receive by drawing upon past cases that are similar in nature to yours. 


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