Thursday, December 14

Pez, a Collectors Dream?

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When my cousin Ariel was growing up in North Carolina he would collect special PEZ dispensers. The different heads were like a snap shot of pop culture in the form of an Austrian candy dispenser. He had most of the Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and Daffy Duck. I always enjoyed seeing his PEZ collection grow and grow. Now, he’s 25 and living in Brooklyn, New York seeking out rare and old books instead of the children’s candy. Back in North Carolina his collection remains in boxes lying in a basement. I wonder what some of them might go for. 

I found this cool article over on DumpDiggers that reveals a bit of the cloudy history that is PEZ and the reason why so many people are fascinated with collecting the confectionary maker. Apparently, some of the most valued dispensers are of Uncle Sam and first-run Mickey Mouse and Santa Claus. They can range in value from a few dollars to a couple hundred. Some are even worth in the thousands! 

I wonder if my cousin has thought about selling his collection. Most of them would probably not go for much, but if he had an Uncle Sam and didn’t know it’s value then I’m sure he’d be interested. I’m sure Uncle Sam wouldn’t mind paying for rent one month, would he? 

I’m always fascinated by what some people truly hold dear to themselves. Stamps, coins, rocks, antiques, paintings, are all among some of the most collected items. Where does PEZ fit in here? I guess everything truly has its own niche audience.


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