Ways to Use Lemons Around the House

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Even though it’s hard to swallow the sour juice of a lemon it can actually relieve a sore throat. There is a way you can lessen the sour part and make it into a edible yummy drink. Cut the lemon in half and put in on a skewer. Roast the half of lemon over a fire on a gas stove or in your fire place if you want until the peal becomes brown. Squeeze the juice and mix with a little bit of honey. Soon your sore throat with just be a memory.

You can also whiten your nails with lemons. Simply cut a lemon in half and run the lemon across your nails. Just be gentle. You don’t have to get a bunch of juice all over yourself to get the benefit.

For copper dishes that loose their shine lemon will also help. Mix lemon juice with salt and scrub the part of the copper that needs shining with it.

To makes your whites more white when your doing laundry simply had 1/4 cup of lemon juice to your load along with the detergent you use regularly.

When you have problems getting cheese or anything else off a grater, just cut a lemon in half and run in along the grater and the cheese or whatever will come right off.


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