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Facebook Addiction, And The Addiction to Other Social Networking Sites

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           Social Networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter could be considered as some of the greatest advancements in human technology of the 21stcentury, in a sense.  They have the ability to keep people connected, no matter where they are in the world.  They can also connect people who have never met who have the same interests.  New friendships can form that would otherwise be impossible without these sites.  Ideas can circulate among vast numbers of people and new perspectives can be gained.  Despite all these advantages that social networking sites have, there are many aspects that should be considered that are border on addiction.

         One problem is the increasing amount of time people spend checking other people’s updates.  Twitter, for example, allows people to give an update on almost anything they are presently doing.  These short updates are called “tweets” and can range from things like “shopping at the mall” to “cooking dinner.”  A considerable amount of time could be spent viewing the almost continuous flow of updates from some of the more frequent “tweeters”.

          Another potential problem doesn’t necessarily entail sitting at a computer for hours at a time.  For some, profile customization takes the form of taking a massive amount of videos and pictures of daily events.  This could include taking pictures of a recent birthday party or a walk in the park they took the other day.  This isn’t a problem in itself as family and friends generally want to see these pictures as it updates them on recent events that occurred in their friends’ or family members’ life.  The problem is that many people at an event or venue spend the time solely taking pictures and video to put on their profiles.  People end up taking pictures of the moment rather than living the moment.

          In the end, social networking sites still are very beneficial.  They would only really be considered addictions if peoples’ lives were adversely affected by the constant use of these sites.  However, they should always be put into their proper context, a tool that can be used to bring people together

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