How to Use Newspaper Around the House

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To prevent bad food odors or eliminate ones that are already there, roll up a crumpled ball of news paper and place it near the odor. It will soak up the odor and eliminate it.

You can also ripen tomatoes with newspaper. Wrap each tomato individually in newspaper and let them sit at room temperature. Before you know it they’ll be ripened.

A common use of newspaper is to pack fragile items that you have. individually wrap each thing in a couple of layers or newspaper.

News paper can actually be better than paper towels when it comes to cleaning glass. Just use glass cleaning and wipe it away with newspaper and you’ll have a streak free shine.

Sometimes really old glass can be ruined by today’s cleaners. Mix a solution of white vinegar and water and dip newspaper in the solution and rub on any smudges. Don’t rinse with water, just let it air dry.


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