Ways to Use Newspaper Around the House

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For shoes that are soaked inside and out newspaper will absorb it. Simply crumple up a a few sheets of newspaper and place it inside the shoes. Within 12 hours they’ll be completely dry.

Sometimes wrapping gifts with newspaper can look tacky, but think about wrapping a boys’ present with the comic section of the newspaper. It’ll be a fun and news look.

Lay out a full newspaper, unfolded, next to your door. When you come in with wet shoes toss the wet shoes on the newspaper and it’ll soak it right up.

Newspaper can make for a great dirt for a to grow it. Lay out 4 layers of newspaper in the place you wish to garden in the following spring. Cover the newspaper with 4 inches of leaves. Water the area and viola!

You can also line refrigerater doors with newspaper to absorb any wetness and get rid of any smells.


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