How to organize your pictures

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Getting ready: Pull out all loose pictures (from shoe boxes and in drawers) and empty albums already started. Locate files of digital pictures on computers, flash drives and email folders – and print out proof sheets of all pictures (multiple small pictures per page.)

Print digital images onto photo paper, a few images from each event that were only stored digitally. While at the computer, burn a copy of all images on to cds – these can be marked later, “images from albums 3-9.”

This is the most time consuming step. Better to put on some music and get comfortable! Spread all materials around you and begin to arrange pictures by date and activity. For example, group all your pictures from the trip to Disney and approximate the date July 2004. A surprising tip: As you start looking through pictures you haven’t seen in awhile, you’ll start to remember that the trip to Disney happened after little David’s graduation!

Now you’re ready to start feeding your photos into your albums in chronological order!


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