Ways to Olive Oil Around the House

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If you have dry and cracked cuticles put a little bit of olive oil on a q-tip and dab it on the dry areas. Do this for about a week or until the dry area heals which will be soon!

If you’ve cut dry skin all over try rubbing a thin layer of olive oil on the dry areas after a shower. You’re skin will quickly become moisturized and soft.

If a zipper is stuck and not going anywhere put a little drop of olive oil. Let it soak in a little bit and the zipper should move.

To dust your wooden furniture and add a bit of shine, put a little bit of olive oil on a rag and wipe the area you want to clean and shine.

If you have a squeaky door or cupboard put a little dab of olive oil on the oil and move them a little bit to let the olive oil soak all threw it. Once the olive oil is in the hinge there will be no more squeaking.


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