Wednesday, December 13

How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint When Your Car is a Gas Guzzler

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If you own and drive a car that has a high fuel consumption you can still reduce your carbon footprint. Many 4×4’s and SUV’s fall into this category and as an owner, you can still play your part in helping to save the planet whilst enjoying the use of your vehicle.

Perhaps the first thing you should look at are your tyres. Correct inflation will ensure that you are optimising fuel usage and therefore reducing your emissions. In addition, regular servicing and oil changes will also help to reduce emissions from your vehicle and improve it’s fuel economy

If you carry out your own oil changes, seek out a location that salvages oil. The re-use of your old oil means that you are assisting in the maintaining of a non sustainable resource.

You may consider alternative fuels as well. Petrol engines can be converted to LPG gas which is generally cheaper to purchase and is beneficial on the emission front as well. If you own a diesel, it is likely that you can use either Bio-Fuel or even vegetable oil, this means you are using a sustainable fuel source instead of a non sustainable one.

One important area to bring into the equation is the decision you make on purchase of the vehicle. Deciding to buy a second hand vehicle means you are not contributing to the carbon emissions created in the manufacture of a new car. And, after purchase you should then endevour to keep your car for as long as you can, instead of regularly changing it.

During ownership of your car, you should seek to purchase any replacement parts from a salvage yard or similar as long as safety is not endangered. There are many sources for such recycled replacement parts and each purchase again contributes to the reduction in your carbon footprint.

Next, you may wish to examine your driving style, and this applies to all drivers. Efficient planning of routes and simply driving more slowly with less acceleration will improve your gas mileage and lessen the size of your carbon footprint. You may also choose to car share from time to time, easily done and again another way of reducing the amount of fuel you use.

Owning a vehicle that others may consider to be a gas guzzler is not a bad thing, but as can be seen, there are things you can do to reduce the size of your carbon footprint. Few of these things are hard to do, so start doing them now.


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