Saturday, December 16

Can Long Distance Relationships Work?

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Can long distance relationships work? Yes, of course they can. Relationships, like most things in life, require a little work to make them succeed. Simply because there is some distance between those within the relationship does not preclude a failure in said relationship.

Relationships that have an element of distance built within them, although not unique to the last decade or so, certainly see an increase comparatively recently simply by the onset of internet dating. Perhaps distance does not remain during such relationships but, certainly at the outset, geographical distance is certainly a hurdle to be overcome.

One main rule to be maintained when involving oneself in a distance based relationship is that communications between those within the relationship must be maintained at a high level. Fortunately, these days there are many mediums that can be employed in keeping in touch on a regular basis.

For many, e-mail forms the basis of communication with a partner when a relationship either starts as or becomes one where there is geographical space between two or more people. Not only text but photographs and movies can be sent using this medium, bridging that gap of miles.

Mobile or cellular phones are now so common that it is very easy to chat to a partner whenever you want or need to. And, the spoken word brings a closeness that typed ones can never do. However, one can also text, send messages and pictures using the mobile phone as well. Provider contracts these days are easily affordable and even international calls fit within most budgets.

Another way of introducing closeness with a partner while you are separated from them is for each to have something personal that belongs to the other. It is best that this item is small and easily portable so that each can carry this item about with them, and be able to hold and touch this item when needed. Perhaps a favourite cigar lighter or something similar? This really does work.

Continued communications also means that as each person’s life changes, the other person in the relationship is up to date on such changes, which means surprises are reduced when the distance is finally closed, either temporarily or permanently. It also helps with any trust issues that may transpire.

It is worth remembering that the distance between two people may not always be one of choice, say a partner has been sent away while in the armed forces or similar. The distance alone does not automatically mean that the relationship will then fail. As long as each person within the relationship works towards the maintenance of the relationship, then the chances are good that the relationship will continue and grow.


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