Thursday, December 14

Things to Help You in an Arguement

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   We all are human and have lots to deal with in our life. It takes years to be able to deal with the ones that we love. I’m going to try and give you as many ways as I can to look at different ways to either keep from fighting or keep them down to as few as possible.

   Arguements have a habit of starting when we are in bad moods. These bad moods have a habit of causing us to fight about stupid things. When were under pressure at work and we can’t take it out on someone there. We will sometimes bring it home and get into arguements with our wives or husbands. We seem to think that thier the problem. Except for we forget that those that we love aren’t there to to be our punching bags. We take things out on them in many ways. We watch them do certain things and we become bothered by it. So, we yell and scream. We even say stupid things that we don’t mean. Put downs and swearing.

   After the bad words are said, we usely feel badly for it and say we are sorry after we calm down. Many of us feel badly when it comes to fighting with others. But, I need to point out that there are some of us that like to fight and if your one of those then you are wrong to feel like that.

   Arguements shouldn’t be happening if were surposed to care about the ones we love. There are things we can do about finding ways to keep hem from happening. These are things that I’ve tried for myself. So, I hope that some of these will help you.

1. You need to try and avoid things that can cause stress in your life. One, meditation can help. Relaxing our minds and breathing in and out threw our mouth can bring a whole new outlook on things that are going on around you.

2. Avoiding others and walking away from people that cause friction around us. Yes, I know that it can be hard at times. But, it gets easier the more you do it.

3. Taking time for yourself can help too. Go find some space to yourself. Either at home or some where else. Ten to fifteen minutes can help.

4. Finding the time to spend with your family can also help. The more you spend time with them and seeing the things that they are interested in can bring you closer to them and keep fights from starting.

5. Talking with the one that you love can also help you out. The more open you are about how you feel about things, the better thing will be.

   These are just a few thing that can help. The more we understand ourselves the more we will keep from having fights with thse we love. Understand yourself. Know what gets on your nerves and then try to figure out the best ways for you to deal with them.


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