Monday, December 11

Glee: Television Gold

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It started on May 19th 2009: one of the largest television phenomenons to ever grace the world with its presence. Glee was intended to be something of an escapist show for all of the “serious” television that’s been plaguing television in the past few years, Glee has quickly become one of the most popular shows on television. The show chronicles the adventures, or rather the mishaps, of a newly formed Glee club of Ohio’s William McKinley High School. Millions of viewers tune in every week to watch the crazy adventures and catchy songs unfold.

            Received with mixed reviews, the pilot episode of Glee shocks and awes viewers with its onslaught of hilarious stereotyping, and its brutally comical and over the top comedy, but most of all it draws people in with its wonderfully talented cast of actors and the wonderful songs that they sing. Some critics disparaged the characters, calling them silly stereotypes with no depth. Other critics applauded the show’s musicality and uproarious lines.

            Going on to produce 21 more episodes after the pilot in the first season, the show’s brilliant cast has done covers of dozens of modern songs, as well as some oldies, all of which are available on iTunes for fans to download and compulsively listen to night and day.

            Since that fateful day on March 19th 2009, when Glee first wooed viewers all across America with its rendition of Journey’s “Don’t stop believing” the show now boasts over seven million dedicated fans. Glee, having just finished its first season, will surely go on to become one of the greatest shows in television history.

Keep gleeking, gleeks! 


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