Monday, December 18

5 Tips To Become a Better Lover!

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These are the 5 simple tips:

Tip 1.The first and perhaps one of the most important tips to make better love to your woman is to simply ask her what she wants. Don’t assume that you already know. You are not a mind reader and each woman has different wants, needs, and desires. So just talk to her and ask her what she likes. She may be shy in telling you at first but it will at least let her know that you care enough about pleasing her to ask. This showing of care will score you BIG points with her!

Tip 2.Take your time with her. If you orgasm quickly let her go first. Spend some time with foreplay. Actual intercourse is of course important but foreplay is a huge part of the sexual experience for women. Shower her with tender kisses and caresses. Explore and rub all parts of her body, being attentive the her responses. If she responds excitedly to a certain touch then by all means focus on that area. Your goal is to bring her to orgasm during foreplay so that she can enjoy another explosive orgasm during intercourse.

Tip 3.Make absolutely certain she is well lubricated and ready before you enter her. If a woman is dry and not well lubricated during sex it can be painful and uncomfortable for her.

Tip 4.At least 75% of sex is emotional for a woman. Set a romantic mood with dim lights, soft music, and candles. Tell her how beautiful she is and how much you enjoy her body. If you feed her emotionally sex will in return be more fulfilling for both of you.

Tip 5.After intercourse be sure to hold her. Don’t simply go with the old “Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am” rule. Spend some time holding her and telling how wonderful it was. Again this satisfies to her emotional needs which will make the overall love making experience more enjoyable for her.


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