Tuesday, December 12

Action Plan

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In the previous article “How to become a man of action” we talked about the qualities you must possess to be a man who makes things happen. These included the following:

  • Forward Thinking
  • Drive
  • The ability to take charge

Again, for some, these qualities come naturally. But, for the rest of us, we have to work at developing them.  So how do we accomplish this? You do so by developing simple habits that embody all three traits. This is the essence of the Action Plan.

An action plan in some cases looks similar to a to do list. The difference is, is that it contains a deadline for when you will complete the tasks on the list. Here is an example of what one looks like.

Action Plan

1. mow lawn

2. change oil in the car

3. go to the hardware store

4. work on article.

Deadline: 2 Pm

* your time frame should be very reasonable.

Now if you really want to be detailed, you can list the requirements for completing the tasks, as well as setting a standard of excellence for yourself. Here is an example of what that plan would look like.

Action Plan

Clean up yard

   – raking all of the leaves in front and back yard

   – picking up all branches and sticks

   – bagging leaves and sticks and putting them on the curb for garbage collection

Clean floors

-scrub both kitchen and basement floors with a scrub brush

    a. make sure you get area between stove and wall in kitchen as well as behind the refrigerator

    b. scrub work bench and hobby corner thoroughly.

-mop both floors

Vacuum Living room and bedroom

– vacuum couch and chair as well 

-use attachment to get behind bed and dresser

Deadline: 4pm

Based on this plan it looks the person has alot to do. But, if you stick with the goals you laid out for yourself, and work toward that deadline, you will be suprised at how fast you can complete your chores and still have time for relaxation.

As I mentioned in the beginning of the article, creating an Action Plan helps you grow into a man(or woman, not trying to be sexist, it’s just that these days us men need a little more help with this way of thinking.) who can make things happen because it embodies the three qualities mentioned above.

Forward Thinking:

developing the habit of an Action Plan forces you to always think about what your next move is.


because an Action Plan contains a deadline, it gives you that motivation and incentive to finish your tasks

Taking Charge

an Action Plan makes one feel that they are attacking and conquering the day. It gives one the confidence they need to take initiative.

Being a man of action requires a certain type of thinking and personality. The Action Plan helps develop those things.

Be sure not to miss my next article which will cover strategic thinking; a skill every man needs to succeed.


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