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How to Make a Business Card Easily!

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You can make simple business cards or add fancy graphics, a logo or even a picture of yourself with the right software. There are application programs to choose from, but here are basic instructions for using Microsoft Word. To do this, you’ll need: Microsoft Word (it is better if you use Word 2003+ and no earlier version) Printers(any of your choice)


Step 1:Open the File menu and choose New.

Step 2:Open the Tools menu and choose Envelopes and Labels.

Step 3:Click Options.

Step 4:Confirm that Avery Standard is selected in the “Product type” menu.

Step 5:Choose “3612 – Business Card” in the “Product number” menu, and click OK.

Step 6:Click New Document. A label template appears with the correct margins for a business card.

Step 7:Select Picture from the Insert menu and browse your files for a picture or your logo to put on your card.

Step 8:Adjust the graphic to the size you want.

Step 9:Choose a font for the text and type your name and business address.

Step 10:Type your e-mail address, fax number and phone number.

Step 11:Copy and paste your design into each space on the page.

Step 12:Use the Print Preview command to see how the cards will look.

Step 13:Save your design when you’re satisfied with it.

Step 14:Make sure your blank business cards are in the printer.

Step 15:Press Print on the toolbar when you’re ready to print.

Useful tips:      

You can make strictly formal business cards or fun business cards with this procedure. Scan a picture of yourself or have one scanned so you can put it on your cards. It could be a good isea to put a picture of your place of business on the cards. Buy software that makes it easy to create the cards. Some shareware Web sites let you download limited versions of software to try. There are also sites where you can actually make a business card online and print it for free.


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