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Biomass, a Flash Animation Puzzle Game

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Biomass is a Flash-based puzzle game featured on and sponsored by Biomass was created by user squirrelsquare. This puzzle game was submitted to on May 4, 2010 and won a Daily 5th Place award. It currently holds a score of 3.69 out of 5.00 based on votes by the Newgrounds community.

Game Background

In the year 2030, the over-populated Earth resulted in the rise of cannibals. Some survivors, in an attempt to save themselves, went underground to develop an alternate food source. Your goal is to produce the biomass to feed the hungry cannibals.

Gameplay Overview

Based on the Author Comments, which can be found on the Newgrounds website for Biomass, this Flash animation submission features elements of both Tetris and Jawbreaker.

To play, you must select a color that is on the bottom row of the test tube. For each block you click, a new row of blocks will drop from the top and add to the test tube. You must prevent the test tube from overflowing by changing all the bottom row colors to the same color, i.e. red. When you click on a block at the bottom of the test tube, it will turn other same color blocks in its vicinity red.

As you create rows of red blocks, they will disappear and increase the bar at the bottom of the screen. Once the bar at the bottom of the screen is full, you will have completed one generation. There are a total of eight generations for you to complete.

At the end of each generation, you may or may not be faced with a new type of cell that you will have to deal with. Each new cell has new abilities that you must consider when selecting which blocks to change to red blocks.

Players are advised to remember that you can click on any blocks near red blocks, and you also don’t need to destroy rows that are at the bottom. Any row can be destroyed to help keep the test tube from overflowing.

Though the story that the in-game description provides does not really connect with the gameplay, the gameplay itself can be quite addicting. It does take a little bit of thinking to figure out strategies, but once you get on a roll it can be quite entertaining.


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