Tuesday, December 12

Getting Personal

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When I post about my bipolar and such, I make a point never to go into too much detail about my environment and what goes on personally in my life. 

Well, as it seems as nobody seems to understand what I am feeling inside and why I am feeling it, I have decided to post it here and even if no one reads it, I will know its here and out of me. 

Okay, let me take a few deep breaths here….

I have a sixteen year old son that spends the school year with his grandmother in Chesapeake, VA.  There schools are much better there, gramma lives a mile from school and the kids love to go to the beach.  They have are exposed to all different cultures that they would never learn in the small town where we live. 

My son has bipolar disorder and is one who is in denial about having it, so no meds. for him.  His emotions are like a roller coaster exactly like I become without my meds.  So instead of medication, (and of course without knowingly doing so,) he has chosen to self-medicate by drinking and doing drugs. 

He has stolen things from his siblings,  dropped out of school and run away all within the last month and it’s not like he has never been in trouble before.  He was in a drunk driving accident last year, everyone walked away though.  Not sure how, I’ll add the pictures of the car to this post.  He did 10 days in juvenile detention, then put on probation, he ran away and when he came home was fitted for a ankle tracking bracelet that he wore for 3 weeks.  Oh yeah, and 250 hours of community service.

How do you make someone take their psychiatric medication?  If it were for a physical reason, you can make them if they are under 18.  However, the psychiatrists say you cannot force anyone to take psych medicines. 

I know one thing, when he DOES decide to come home, (and he will, calling me crying to send him money to get home,)  he IS going straight into rehab, have a full psych evaluation while there, try him on some meds under doctors’ care and hopefully they find the right one or ones and he feels “normal” for what I think would be the first time in his life while taking.  I think that would be the only way I am going to be able to help him. 

Thank you for reading my thoughts.  I just had to get it out…  goodnight


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