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Common Dreams And Their Meanings

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Dreaming is a thing nearly everyone in the world experiences. From wild dreams to common dreams, they all have a meaning behind them. Interested in finding out what your dreams are about? You should check out some of these common dreams and their meanings.

Your Teeth are Falling Out

A dream where your teeth are falling out or rotten can be disturbing and unnerving. Often times, these types of dreams seem so vivid that you must check your mouth yourself in order to reassure that your teeth are still there. The most common interpretation of this type of dream is that you are worried about what other people think of you. This interpretation comes from the pressure that society puts on looking beautiful, thin, and sexy. The secondary interpretation is that this dream means a loss of power or power struggle is evident in your life; maybe you lost your job, your spouse, or some one important in your life you looked up to.


Dreams where the sleeper is falling is possibly the most common type of dream. This dream can mean many things, from a lack of indiscretion sexually to the fear of failing. It is believed that if you don’t wake up from these dreams before you reach the end of the fall, you will die; obviously, this is not the case. Dreams of falling may mean that you’re afraid you’re unable to keep up with the demands your daily life makes of you. Falling dreams usually leave you nothing to hold on to, symbolizing that there is no way for you to help yourself.

Naked Dreams

Clothes conceal the things that we might otherwise be ashamed or embarrassed to show the public so it’s no wonder that these types of dreams evoke those feelings in us. Most of the time, you’re minding your own business in your dream and then your stark naked. This type of dream can also mean that you’re vulnerable or that you’ve been caught off guard by a sudden exposure. Falling dreams can wake you with a start and leave you feeling disoriented.

These three dreams are only three of many common dreams that everyone has. While dream interpretation is open for discussion, many of these dreams have a very general correlation to events in your life. Waking up after having one of these dreams and thinking about events in your life will help you to make the match. Your anxiety, fear, or embarrassment can be translated in dreams with any number of outcomes or situations – even hash brown eating hamsters.


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