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Travel Guide to Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Backpacking & Cheap Hotels

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Malaysia’s currency the Ringgit Malaysia for short RM is worth five times more than your Euro, and six times more than your British pound and three and half times the US Dollar. Malaysia offers the opportunity to live on a couple of Dollars a day.

The city can be a bit confusing at times, because of some hills and small mountains in the city center. Kuala Lumpur maps are available from any convenient store.

Inexpensive and Safe Backpackers Country

Food and travel are seriously inexpensive as long as one stays away form the Star B’s, Mac D’s and KayeFCee’s. Malaysia is a true Walhalla for backpackers hiking around the globe, relatively undiscovered and foremost safe. One of the best features of this country is that people leave each other alone. No hassling in the tourist area’s but friendly people who will make time for you for a courteous chat, helpful in directions or with navigating you around the Muddy City. Kuala Lumpur owes its nickname to the valley where the river Klang and Gombak created their muddy shores, it’s a modern well paved capital now.

Areas to Stay as a Backpacker in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpuroffers a wide area of hotels. Where to stay as a backpacker? There are three main areas where cheap hotels, lodges and guest houses can be found, Chow Kit, China Town and Bukit Bintang. Some backpackers hostels and guest houses are found in China Town, but the majority is located in Tingkat Tong Shin and at the end of Jalan Bukit Bintang cornering with Jalan Pudu.

Tingkat Tong Shin is packed with guest house after guest house, and the atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, many nationalities find a safe haven here. Guest houses will make you feel welcome, most offer internet facilities, a locker and breakfast. But breakfasts can be found all around the area, in easy accessible open restaurants or street food stalls offering local delicacies.

Places to Eat in The City Center

Parallel with Tingkat Tong Shin, Jalan Alor which is a local food paradise stretches over 700 meters. The empty street during the day turns into a hustling and bustling open air food festival in the evenings. Local hawkers offer a wide variety of fresh catch. Choices range from Chinese, Malay, Indian or Thai cuisine it all can be found here. The large variety of fresh seafood delicacies is an amazing and tongue inducing temptation. Most restaurants offer a photo album; only an index finger is needed to point out the different dishes. Always ask portion size for one person, and order a variety of dishes. This will definitely offer a colorful variety of tastes and smells. When ordering fish, request a price first, a guest might end-up paying premium prices for average fish. Prices here are cheap for the quality of food offered.

Traveling In And Out of Kuala Lumpur

Backpacking from the Bukit Bintang and China Town area makes traveling easy. Everything is offered in walking distance. The main bus station Puduraya station can be found at Jalan Pudu and lays in between Jalan Bukit Bintang and China Town. Busses will travel anywhere on the Malaysian Peninsular, busses to Singapore leave every 15 minutes, and comfortable luxury sleepers are available for all corners of the country. Chow Kit is a little further from the city center, but easy to reach as there is a Mono Rail station in the heart of Chow Kit. Chow Kit is a great place to pick up some bargains and deals.

Backpacking and hiking in Kuala Lumpur is safe, fun and easy and above all extremely cheap..    

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