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Dealing With a Florida Family Law Attorney

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Dealing With A Florida Family Law Attorney

In need of a Florida Family Law Attorney? Perhaps you are thinking of getting a divorce. Or maybe you wish to know more about adoption? There are many reasons that you may wish to seek out one of the many Attorneys in FL but how do you choose? 

Shortening The List

Finding the perfect lawyer in Florida can be difficult. not only are there many firms to choose from but they all seem to offer different services. From general family lawyers to child support lawyers. How do you choose?

The first thing you should do is sit down and consider exactly what you need help in. Once you know this you can start to meet with lawyers who your needs.


Many of us fear having a consultation with an attorney, even though we are going to them for help. The reason could be that you are speaking about personal issues with a stranger. Keep in mind that a Florida Family Law Attorney will have a lot of experience in dealing with people in your situation. 

They are also bound by the client confidentiality principle whereby they cannot disclose anything you reveal to them. If you still feel uncomfortable try writing down a list of questions ahead of time. This can help you to stay on track and get the information you need. Things to ask could be,

  • Do I have a case?
  • Am I likely to succeed?
  • What is the process from here?
  • How much will me case cost? Do you offer any fee arrangement?

Making a Decision

Making the decision on which legal representative to hire can be tough. You will have to decide for yourself but there are some criteria that can help you in deciding between the short list.

  • Cost. Although it shouldn’t be the main factor it is still important. 
  • Experience. Has one had a lot more experience in cases similar to yours?
  • Past record. Have any been disqualified for any reason in the past?
  • Approachable. Especially dealing with a personal area such as family law it is important to have an attorney you feel comfortable with. 

By weighing up these criteria you can come to a decision. 

The Contract

Often if the consultation went well, a Florida family law Attorney will give you a client agreement form. This is the contract that they will work under. It is important not to be pressured into signing this until you are 100% comfortable with your decision. The form will highlight the important aspects of your case such as,

  • Any fess due and how they are to be paid.
  • Time frame for the case.
  • What the lawyer agrees to undertake.
  • Complaints procedures if you are unhappy with service.
  • The effects of cancelling the contract ahead of schedule.

As you can see it is a very important document and should be read thoroughly before signing. If anyone tries to pressure you into signing a contract before you are already you should decline to do so and think carefully about if they are the right person to represent you. 

Remember a Florida family law attorney is there to make your situation easier. If they do not do so, they aren’t doing their job.


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