Thursday, December 14

Drink Jujube to Alleviate Stress

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Jujube is also called Chinese Date or Red Date. The jujube tree is used mainly for it’s fruit. Jujube grows in China, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, Korea, and Europe. The tree has thorny branches and the leaves are a shiny green. The jujube fruit is edible and have the taste similar to an apple. The jujube fruit resembles dates because they are wrinkled. The mature fruit is red, purple, or black. There are over 400 species of the jujube tree.

The Koreans and Chinese believe that the jujube is very useful in alleviating stress. In Australia, there is an Australian drink that is made from jujube fruit. The Australians believe that when the drink is consumed you can feel yourself becoming less distressed. The jujube fruit is soothing to the throat. In some parts of the world this fruit is used in pharmacy to treat sore throats. When using any herb as a remedy for health problems, please seek the advice of an expert before using.

The jujube tree can grow well in a wide range of climates. It requires hot summers and enough water to produce fruit. It can tolerate very cold winters. The fruit may be eaten fresh or dried. Jujube is ften eaten with a snack or with tea. Juice, vinegar, syrup, and tea is made from the fruit. The jujube tea is known to be helpful in treating a cold.It is believed that the scent of the fresh jujube fruit can make teenagers fall in love. The leaves of the jujube tree is used for potpourri.


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