Tuesday, December 12

The Medicinal Uses of The Tansy

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Tansy is a flowering plant that is native to Europe and Asia. Other names the tansy is known as are Bitter Buttons, Common Tansy, Golden Buttons, or Cow Bitter. This plant has yellow button-like flowers. The stems are reddish in color. The tansy blooms from mid to late summer. The leaves and flowers of this plant are poisonous if consumed in large amounts. The Ancient Greeks used the tansy as a medicinal herb.

The tansy has a long history of uses in herbal medicine. This plant was once used to cure intestinal worms. The tansy has been used for treating gout. In herbal medicine, the tansy was useful in the treatment of rheumatism, fever, digestive disorders, measles, and to heal sores and cuts. During the Middle Ages, very high doses of the plant was used to induce abortions. The tansy was used as a facewash and to help purify the skin. In Ireland, it was believed that bathing in a solution of tansy and salts was to help cure joint pain. In the 21rst century, the tansy was listed in the United States Pharmacopeia as a treatment for fever, colds, and jaundice. The tansy was used for treating migranes. When using any herb as a remedy for health problems, please seek the advice of an expert before using.  

This plant makes a useful natural bug repellant. In the United States, the FDA  places limits on the use of tansy. It may only be used for brewing alcoholic beverages as a preservative or to add flavor or color.


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