Runescape Magic Guide How to Use Arcane Energies in the RS MMORPG

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Any fantasy RPG would not be the same without some form of magic. Runescape is no exception to this rule. A Runescape character who wishes to harness the arcane energies that fuel the magic of the world must collect and gather runes.

Offensive and teleportation magic is cast by using using rune combinations. This differs from prayer magic, which is a set list of abilities that a character knows. Many Runescape runes can be made by players with the Runecrafting skill, although the runes neccessary for magic can spells also be purchased or found on monsters.

What Magic Spells can a Runescape Character Cast?

Because there are many possible combinations of runes that can produce a magic spell in Runescape, a comprehensive list of them is not possible. The Runescape client lets a player know if he has the required runes to cast a spell. If a character has the runes for a magic spell, he can click on the appropriate icon to cast it. The required runes are then consume. A brief list of Runescape magic spells available to free Runescape players is found below.

  • Home Teleport – No Runes Required
  • Air Strike – 1 Air, 1 Mind
  • Confuse – 3 Water, 2 Earth, 1 Body
  • Water Strike — 1 Water, 1 Air, 1 Mind
  • Enchant Jewelry – 1 Water, 1 Cosmic
  • Weaken – 3 Water, 2 Earth 1 Body
  • Fire Strike – 2 Air, 3 Fire, 1 Mind
  • Bones to Bananas — 2 Earth, 2 Water 1 Nature
  • Wind Bolt – 2 Air, 1 Chaos

Should a Character Pay for Runes for his Magic Spells?

If a Runescape character wishes to play a mighty wizard, runes can help the character further that goal, but using magic it is not the only path to fame and glory in the popular free mmorpg. Runescape characters can use many combat skills, including ranged skills and many skills related to melee weapons.

Joining the mage’s guild can reduce the cost of runesbought off of merchants, but it is not necessary for a Runescape player to dedicate himself to one specific skill, A full list of the magic spells available to Runescape characters, including to paid members can be found on the Global Runescape and the Runescape Tips web sites.

Runescape Magic at Its Best and Worst

The magical system of Runescape is more flexible than it is in many other mmorpgs that lock a character into one class at creation and the abilities the character learns are based on that initial choice, but every magic spell in Runescape requires components.

Even if a player takes up the trade skill that lets him make the material needed to power his arcane efforts, he will eventually run out of runes and have to rely on another combat skill. This means that a Runescape character should be a little more well rounded than the offerings a person would find in many of the commercial mmorpgs.


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