Using Linux as a Gaming Platform It is Possible to Run Many Windows Games on Ubuntu

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Linux may be a popular operating system, and distributions like Ubuntu have made Linux itself more user friendly and available to the masses, yet most gamers still have to be technological experts to get games running under Linux. Linux gaming is not yet an option for most people, but as more drivers are written that will change. For a gamer to use Linux as a gaming platform on his home computer requires knowledge of emulators and knowing how to find drivers.

Setting up Linux as a gaming platform can be frustrating and time consuming. There are also modules for mmorpgs, such as ShowEQ, that can only be run under Linux. The two steps to getting Linux to work as a gaming platform are finding drivers and setting up a Windows emulator.

Finding Drivers for Linux

A few manufacturers such as HP and Dell make Linux drivers for their products, but they do not come on a convenient CD. HP users must pay for drivers that are not the standard Windows drivers shipped with their hardware. Open source programmers that support Linux have solved this problem for many devices. A Linux user can find many drivers through sites such as Source Forge and the

Linux users must rememberr which package manager their distribution uses, unless they intend to compile the source cod. Compiling source code for drivers and installing the binaries can be a long and frustrating process. If problems do arise when installing drivers for the Open source OS, Linux has a dedicated user base that can help solve technical problems.

Finding Windows Emulators

Although there are games with Linux binaries available for immediate download, most gamers still need a Windows emulator. Included with most standard Linux distributions is Windows Emulator called WINE. The process of setting up and compiling WINE is difficult. It is usually a matter of trial and error. The instructions for WINE and Linux forums can help someone determined to use the open source OS as a gaming platform with the process.

Crack programmers should be able to get Linux up without too much trouble, although each Windows application ran outside of Windows needs its own file set up to run the process. While WINE cannot run every Windows application or game, it is a good start.

Linux Gaming Takes Patience, Persistence and Technical Savvy

Setting up Linux as a gaming OS takes quite a bit of tinkering and is not for everyone. Most gamers use a dual boot system and run their PC games under Windows simply because it is eaier. Linux distributions like Ubuntu are then used because of their greater stability for more practical applications.. When game developers themselves decide to take advantage capabilities of the Penguin, gamers will see more PC game titles being released for the Linux operating system.

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