Fair White

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I dream a world of life and light,
hidden mysteries within.
I dream of prisms glowing bright,
colors in the wind.
Crowds of oak and aspen tall,
guardians of the hills.
Brook and stream and river long,
endless is their tale.
I dream a meadow, o’so fair,
mile on mile of clover.
I wander about without a care,
drunk though i am sober.
There is a feeling of comfort,
calming to the core.
A feeling of a place that has
never seen a war.
No murder mars the shadows,
all is life and light.
Creatures without spite or fear.
Unicorn and Lion,
live their lives indifferently,
drinking side by side.
Comes the dusk setting in
so gently in the west.
The clouds begin to light a flame,
orange burning feathers.
Star after star appear in the east,
thousands, millions, more, to
light the land as brightly
as it was before.
It seems night, the fearsome god,
is even comforted here, relaxing
in the knowledge that doesn’t
have a hint of fear.


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