New Science Makes Solar Panels for Your Home More Accessible

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For years now the Earth’s temperature has been rising due to the green house effect. Some argue that it just simply isn’t true, but the science is undeniable. If you don’t know what the green house effect is, it’s basically heat being built up in the Earth’s atmosphere. When the Sun’s rays come down to Earth some of the rays are absorbed by the planet and held in the atmosphere to create a stable temperature. The rest of the rays bounce off of the planet and just go back into outer space. Recently, because of increasing technologies, the atmosphere has been thickening from carbon dioxide and methane that is exhausted from automobiles, factories, buildings, and more. We call these green house gases. The green house gases thicken up the atmosphere and trap in heat from the sun, which would otherwise bounce back into outer space. Because more and more heat from the sun is being held in our Earth’s atmosphere, the global temperature is rising steadily.

The rise in the global temperature is nothing to be taken lightly. Anything that is on a global scale shouldn’t be taken lightly. You may have noticed in the past few years that storms are beginning to get more intense and there is an increasing number of hurricanes. This is all caused by global warming. As the oceans warm up they drive the weather into a more tropical and more dangerous pattern. Storms aren’t the only side effect of global warming, so it drought and famine, which is already getting worse. On top of all that is the melting of the polar caps. You may have seen the commercial on TV about saving polar bears. This is true, polar bears are going extinct from the polar caps they live on melting. A lot of them end up drowning while trying to find land.

The death of polar bears isn’t the only effect of the polar caps melting. Many people don’t know it, but a global warming can trigger a global ice age. In the oceans are conveyor belts that drive the weather of the planet. That’s why when the oceans warm up the weather gets more tropical. The ocean has a delicate balance between hot and cold water. When the polar caps begin to melt they dump enormous amounts of fresh, cold water in the oceans, right on top of the conveyor belt. With enough fresh cold water, the conveyor belt can be shut off. When this happens so does an ice age.

Since it’s obvious that global warming isn’t a good thing. Many scientists across the country and the world are trying to find ways to reduce the green house gases and try to reverse what seems irreversible. More and more automobiles are becoming hybrids that emit less and less carbon dioxide and many major companies are doing their part it cutting down the green house gases they emit into the atmosphere. There is still the big problem with power plants which you can literally see the pollution they exhaust when you drive by them. It’s amazing to think that this exhaust they emit goes 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With all the power plants around the world, that is an enormous amount of carbon dioxide and methane being released into the atmosphere.

Solar panels and wind power are two of the best ways to cut out the power plants and replace them with clean, harmless power. Solar panels and wind power can be somewhat expensive which is why it’s usually large businesses or companies who have solar panels or wind power. Because of the higher cost, solar panels haven’t become as popular as many scientists would hope they would be. So a group was put together to try and find an inexpensive way to create solar panels. Not only would it be inexpensive but it would be made of materials easy to find at any hardware store and easy enough to assemble that anybody could do it. After trial and error a final design was put together and given to high school students to test how easy it was to assemble. The high school kids were able to get all the materials they needed for under $200 and assemble a working solar panel. The scientist accomplished their goal and even discovered that the houses that were equipped with this new solar panel would turn the power meter backwards. When this happens it means that your house is creating more power than it needs to run. The excess power (clean power) goes back to the power company to be recycled and the power company pays you for the extra power.

So it looks like we’re heading down the right road to try to reduce the green house effect. Inexpensive and efficient solar panels that anybody can install, and use is a great step forward. And if enough people do it, we’ll be able to add to the giant global effort of saving the planet. Solar panels and wind power won’t eliminate all the green house gases on the planet. There are many more countries that are creating green house gases and they have to do their part too, everybody has to do their part.

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