Tuesday, December 12

Why Some People Can't Form a Long Lasting Good Relationship

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There are some people that go thorough their lives without having a long lasting relationship. They never get married and they can’t fall for people. They can’t sustain a good, intimate relationship. And a lot of their relationships are just plain hook ups or really strange ones. I guess some people just can’t engage themselves into an intimate, long lasting, meaningful relationship. It could due to their past relationship experiences or how they grow up and it has a lot to do with history, how they grow up and their relationship history. People tend to have a bad experience will not want to repeat it. Just like negative punishment, if you punish a dog by hitting him every time he pees on your couch, he will not do it again. I think that poor family history and life experiences are kind of like negative punishment. Once people got the punishment, they don’t want to repeat those things.

If you notice these types of people, you will see that they have a very poor family background, poor childhood, and poor relationship with their parents and some were even abused in some way or another. It’s not wonder that they turn out the way that they do. If you damage a person in a lot of ways, there is no way that they will be like the rest of the people. They will be abnormal. This is why a good family upbringing is a must and good treatment for your children is a must also or else they will end up in their little shell and never be able to come out of it.

They can’t establish a good relationship because they have some sort of fear that prevents them from doing so. They could fear that their mate will treat them bad, cheat on them, abuse them or neglect them. I think these are some of the reasons why I couldn’t establish a long term relationship myself. I was always afraid that something bad will happen to me because I have had a lot of bad relationship before. I have people who cheated on me and abuse me. I live with a terrifying family so I was always afraid of people in general and I couldn’t establish any kind of connection with people for the longest time but then I rescue myself out of it since I know too much about the subject to not treat myself. So it’s normal for people to keep to themselves and not wanting a relationship if they have a really poor history with human relationship.


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