Thursday, December 14

How to Look Good if You Have Cancer

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Wear a wig

Of course, you will end up with some hair problems but you can wear a wig to help out your hair loss problems. There are wigs everywhere. You can get them on ebay even. There is no reason to walk around with no hair. You can also check for places that donate them for free for cancer patients.

Wear a hat

You can wear a hat to cover your hair problems. A hat will help you cover your hair loss. You can use bandana or a beanie. These are very cheap. You can get it for a dollar even.

Wear long sleeves and pants

You can wear long sleeves shirt and pants to cover up problems. If you have IVs mark or scraping areas, you can wear these to save your skin. You will feel more comfortable and people won’t be looking at you.

Wear perfume

You can always perfume to cover up the smell of your medication. Perfume will help you cover up poor smell from your medication. You will have a bad odor from your chemo therapy but it doesn’t mean that you can’t wipe it out with some perfume. A little bit is good enough since a lot of it is not that good for you.

Wear makeup

You can always wear makeup to cover up if you have pale skin or if you have skin problems. This is why they make makeup. This is to help you look better than what you are. Makeup is always essential and you need them. You should wear makeup whenever you need them so that you will look great. Looking good can help boost your self-esteem.


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