Sunday, December 17

How to Date a Busy Man

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Everyone is busy nowadays with their work and personal life. How do you keep up with a busy man? Well at least you know that he has a career and that you don’t have to pick up the bills for him. It’s even worst when a man doesn’t have a career. He will spend all of his time doing something else.

However, it’s hard to date someone who has very little time for you. For example if you date a business owner, he will work 7 days a week and he will have very little time for you. You feel like you’re  all alone by yourself but hang on there is the love is good. If he loves you enough, he will make time and space for you. In this day and age, everyone has to hustle to keep a paycheck coming in so he’s in trouble if he’s sitting at home too much.

If your man is busy, you must be busy too. Everyone has to do something during the day. However,  you can talk to him about meeting with you after work for a couple of hours. You can also ask him to meet with you at work for lunch during his break. You can also visit him if he’s too busy to visit you after work. If you’re serious about each other, you should consider moving in together because that will give you more time with each other.

When he’s off of work, he should devote all of those time for you. On the weekend, he should be spending time with you instead of spending time with other people. Whenever you have the opportunity to be together, you should be together to make up for all the time that you’re not together. Dating someone who has no time for you is difficult but you should give it sometimes and it will work out to something else later on.


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