Tuesday, December 12

How to Handle Your Inter-Racial Relationship

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Inter-racial dating is very common nowadays. You get to date whoever you want because it’s 2010. I’ve had many inter-racial dates before and I really like a lot of them. I fell even harder for them because they were different, challenging and have different things to offer to me. I like inter-racial dating and I encourage people to be more free with their dating experiences. You will be surprise as to how much you can enjoy the other person who has a different culture then you do.

You might be confront with some problems with your family or people in general but you should keep things to yourself. No one has to know but you. If you love the person, then you should go ahead and date them. I’ve dated several people from a different culture and they treated me better than my culture and I almost wanted to marry them. I really enjoy dating them and they were very different from my own culture and I think it’s that differences that made me want to settle down with them.

It’s not always is a bad thing. If you know someone for awhile, you begin to see that we are all the same and we all want the same thing in life. If you connect with people then you connect with people. If you can fall in love with an animal then you can certainly fall in love with another human being. People love pets but they’re not a human being. They’re a different creature than us. So it’s wrong to say that you can’t fall in love with another human being from a different culture because they have many things in common with you and they’re a human being too. I fell for people outside of my culture harder than my own and this is just to say that you can connect with different people from different culture and you can too.

People might bother you about it if they’re not into it themselves. I know that my parents or relatives would comment right away if I ever tell them but the trick is that you don’t have to tell them. You can keep it all to yourself. No one has to know. If you let people know, they will only make things worst for you anyways. You should keep it a secret and don’t get all pda in public and you should be fine. If people look at you weird then you just have to not act like you’re together in public and you can act like you’re dating at home.


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