Monday, December 11

Change Your Fate in Shadow of Destiny For Ps2

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The main driving theme behind “Shadow of Destiny” is the defiance of fate. The main character who is trying to defy fate in this game is Eike. Our charismatic hero has been fated to die, however he is offered a chance to prevent his death when a mysterious being provides him with the lush opportunity of time travel. But no so fast though. You and I both know that altering history can have some rather unfortunate results, some which could ultimately lead up to Eike’s death regardless–think the ending of “Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines” for a good example. 


“Shadow of Destiny” presents its characters in attractive smooth textures that come off as fully three-dimensional people and they look fantastic. The game’s special effects add some nice touches to the overall experience, such as seeing footprints left by you in the snow and the reaction between the character’s mouth and the cold winter air when they speak. The backgrounds and colors overall are quite lush and pleasing, making for a very fanciful European setting with minor to major details such as furniture, decorations, and even the streets. The color coordination isn’t bad either, the only downside is that, while it does set the tone and mood for the era it takes place in, they do look kind of dull.


“Shadow of Destiny” plays out like a novel albeit an interactive one. Eike will travel to many locals and many points in time. No matter where he goes, he will interact with different people, obtain certain items, complete quests, and so forth in order to alter the future. Everything Eike does will determine his fate. This style of gameplay is pretty refreshing as it’s a bit different from the norm. Read more…


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