Tuesday, December 12

The 'glory' is Missing in 'glory of Heracles' (Nintendo Ds)

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Welcome to the Island of Crete where war wages through great cities and mythological creatures terrorize. You play as a stranger with no recollection of his arrival on the island, or let alone who he is. But you soon come to learn that you are an immortal and you eventually make friends with others who are as well. Little do they know they are all linked together by fate. Together, you will embark on a quest for answers, heading for Olympus, the place of gods. 


Unfortunately, the world portrayed in “Glory of Heracles” doesn’t appear to be as fun as the story makes it sound. The entire Island of Crete seems like a bland environment with a straight path for the most part. You and your friends move from one part of the island to another while engaging in a series of cliched battles. As if the fact that the imagery is so predictable wasn’t enough, your character walks very slow and you could imagine how painful this is during the random (and frequent) battle encounters. Then there’s the dungeons which, much like the rest of the island, are disappointingly cliched and short-lived, with no originality to top it off (i.e. some hallways, corridors, a few statutes, you get the picture). You may run into a puzzle or two in a dungeon but this isn’t going to be very fun since your character moves slow.


As I briefly touched upon before, “Glory of Heracles” has some painstaking gameplay which is largely due to poor character speed. Aside from that, the battles are both easy to win and very dull. However, no matter how boring the battles may be, the game does a good job of ensuring… Read more http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/2678459/the_glory_is_missing_in_glory_of_heracles.html?cat=15


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