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God Sends a 'legion' (2010) of Rip-Offs to Execute Mankind

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Starring: Paul Bettany, Tyrese Gibson, Charles S. Dutton, Dennis Quaid, Adrianne Palick, Lucas Black, Kate Walsh, Kevin Durand, Willa Holland, and Jon Tenney.

Directed by: Scott Stewart.

Released: January 22nd, 2010.

Combine “The Terminator” with “Night of the Living Dead” and “From Dusk Till Dawn” and you will have the end result that is “Legion”, an apocalyptic horror/action film where God loses faith in mankind so he in return sends his own angels to execute armageddon as opposed to a flood or an asteroid. Their target is pregnant waitress at a New Mexico diner whom happens to be carrying mankind’s last hope. The angels arrive in the form of possessed human bodies with razor sharp teeth and Spider-Man abilities. However, Archangel Michael (Paul Bettany) disagrees with this plan and decides to rebel against God by aiding the human race. It all boils down to a stand-off between God’s army of angels and a band of strangers at a diner whom are led by Michael.

“Legion” touches upon the concept that God is sometimes wrong. While this is quite true at times (no offense, God), “Legion” is often wrong at times when it comes to depicting this theme the correct way. For instance, the angels/possessed humans are nothing like you would imagine from God’s kingdom; they spout curse words, crawl on walls, and dig into people with razor teeth. These entities sound like they’re straight out of hell rather than heaven. However, if you can manage to look past this flaw, “Legion” has plenty of thrills and a very solid cast. Read more…


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