Saturday, December 16

Potential Movies That Never Got Made

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1. Project: After Man

This could have made for one juicy science fiction film adaptation. Based on the book “After Man: A Zoology of the Future” by Dougal Dixon, a Scottish geologist, “After Man” takes a look at what would happen if mankind went extinct and natural life was left to evolve on its own over the course of hundreds, thousands, and millions of years into the future.

2. The Other “Alien 3”

How can anyone not be familiar with the infamous, overlong, and torturous production of “Alien 3”? After James Cameron had set the bar high with the blockbuster sequel “Aliens” in 1986, he left the owners of the ‘Alien’ franchise with some big shoes to fill. There was a story that involved aliens on Earth, a script with Ripley, Newt, Bishop, and Hicks alive and intact in it. However, that was ditched due to budget constraints and fear of repeating what was done in “Aliens”.

So instead of making that mistake, they made a new one by repeating “Alien”. You see, it’s a two way street and it’s limited. Either you’re going to have a solo creature lurking in the dark film or you’re going to have an all-out bug hunt film. There’s really no way around that. You can do twists or spin new environments and characters around those two story formulas but you can’t really change those formulas.

“Alien 3” went through quite a few different scripts and was pure hell to produce and shoot. While “Alien 3” has gained much respect and a cult following since 1992 (with added thanks to the 2003 director’s cut), it just bothers one to ponder how this franchise would have turned out if only Newt, Hicks, and Bishop were all alive and well in a third ‘Alien’ film. Read more…


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